Dark Storm: Ascension Review

What can you say about a game where the only thing that intrigues you is the art itself?  It’s a bit of shame that the best part of Dark Storm, besides the title, is the art.  This game tries so hard to be cool, but what we get is something so generic that it feels like the cereal your mom swears is the real thing, but you know it’s not.

A Hind D!?

When you look at the concept art you get a sense of deja vu, like you’ve seen this before.  Well looking at it the developers had to have had an influence
from Metal Gear and Splinter Cell. 
Granted I think the art looks amazing and one of the screenshots screams Shadow Moses.



What I actually played though was a buggy mess with only one real redeeming feature.  The guns themselves.  The shooting itself actually feels pretty accurate and the sub machine gun feels pretty satisfying to let loose, all things considered.  The main character, who from the life of me I can’t recall the name, feels so lifeless in-game. Honestly I like her voice and design.  How ever that can only get you so far as Capcom’s Remember Me can attest to. 


It’s a bit of shame that the developer starts off with a rather cool environment and then gives us a dull area to play around with the assets, of which are decent looking if a bit generic.  The guys you’re killing are designed rather well, if a bit generic, but they are grunts so it’s to be expected.  Again, the art and design being the best part of the game, which is a shame cause I really wanted to like this.

Dark storm 1

There is so much they could have done to get us excited only to leave us flaccid.  I hate to say it but Fenrir Studios needs to do something to make it worth our time and money because at the end of the day Dark Storm is not worth your  time.  Save yourself the bandwidth and play Metal Gear Solid 1 or Splinter Cell 1. 


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