No Time Reviews: Metal Gear Solid

What is it?

Metal Gear Solid, or MGS, is a stealth based espionage game published by Konami and created by Hideo Kojima.  Released  in 1998 on the PlayStation to great acclaim it has paved the way for cinematic story driven games since its release.

What’s it about?

You play as a legendary soldier, Solid Snake, infiltrating a terrorist base in Alaska.  You learn about some very dastardly deeds about to befall the world and attempt to stop it.  Things you’ll encounter, a host of “super soldiers”, wolves, a Hind D, an invisible cyborg ninja and a bipedal mech called Metal Gear Rex, all standing in your way.

What’s it look like?

By 1998 standards, pretty damn good, by today’s standards, still really good on the artistic side.  On the technical side it suffers from jagged edges and blurry textures.  The boss’ designs really are unique and have a degree of cool not really seen in today’s games.

How’s it play?

It’s a sneaking game that’s played in third person perspective with a bird’s eye view.  Your primary goal in the game is to sneak from point a to point b without altering the guards along the way else that triggers a alarm.  Now Snake isn’t defenseless with some basic hand to hand combat and a slew of different guns he can get along the way.  Also you can hide in a box.

Is it worth it?

Yes , since the new Metal Gear game is coming out soon, being  Kojima’s last Metal Gear game, it’s a good way to see how this series got its 3D start.  A solid 10/10.  Go get it.

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