Cosplayer Spotlight: Chiyo!

An Interview with Chiyo_Cosplays by Durrilion Last year at Game on Expo I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Chiyo_Cosplays.  To my surprise it was her birthday, and she seemed both excited and surprised that someone wanted to do an interview with her. Durrilion:  When did you first start, seriously, ‘I’m going to put on a costume and go to a convention’? Chiyo:  I used to live in…

Vintage Pinup Style: In My Beauty Kit – Eye Makeup

Miss Amanda Lee talks about Eye Makeup and the vintage look in her newest In My Beauty Kit series:

Vintage Pin up Style: In My Beauty Kit – Stockings

Miss Amanda Lee returns with another tutorial and review on vintage style!  This time it’s all about the all important underthings – stockings!

Creativity at Phoenix Comicon 2017 Part 1

Cosplayers Everywhere! by Durrilion Every con I attend is full of amazing people in amazing creations.  Whether you call it ‘cosplay’ or ‘costuming’, these fan creations caught my eye! Covered in fur, this young man and his father put this ‘Game of Thrones’ giant together in about 2 to 3 weeks.  Even though he is 6′ 2″, Sage Grey wore platforms to boost his height to 7′.  It definitely made him…

On Recent Events, An Open Letter to Cosplayers From a Cosplayer

To my creative friends: Conventions have always been the ultimate “safe space” for nerds, geeks and superfans. Even in recent years as fandom has become more mainstream, the con scene has remained a haven for those looking to celebrate their passions. In some cases, the family/community environment has led to security more reliant on an honor system than true vigilance, with voluntary peace bonding and self-checking. It was no big…

Amber Brite's Guide to Body Paint

How to Look Like Your Favorite ‘Alien’ By Durrilion We have all seen them at conventions.  Those people in the amazing cosplays, but what makes them REALLY stand out, is their skin.  Blue, Red, Green, even Purple! What does it take to become something non-human? At 2016’s Gameon Expo in Mesa Arizona, I had the chance to attend a panel on that very subject.  Our guide/teacher/panelist was Amber Brite.  Those…

Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Updated Info on Props, Entrance to the Con & Security

With everything that has happened over the last 24 hours everyone in Phoenix is just running to keep up. Matt Solberg and his crew have heard all the good and the bad since the announcement last night of banning all props from the convention.  This morning brought an updated set of information and rules: There are many outstanding questions from our announcement yesterday. We now have UPDATES, including the prohibited…

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit – Lipstick

In this episode of In My Beauty Kit, Miss Amanda Lee answers the community’s questions about what kind of lipstick she wears.      

The History of Cosplay

In our very first podcast we tackle and try to untangle the history of cosplay and the history of the word cosplay. Who was the first person to dress up in a sci-fi costume? Who first invented the word cosplay? When did people first start cosplaying in Japan? We answer all these questions and more. Both in video version on You Tube and available for download on SoundCloud (and soon:…

Vintage Pin Up Style: In My Beauty Kit Episode 1

Pinup Model Miss Amanda Lee reveals the secrets of her perfect image in her series In My Beauty Kit!