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Games and Kickstarter are getting a lot of news these days, with Shenmue 3 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night grabbing top ranking as some of the most funded campaigns on the site.  It’s a natural spot for independent game designers to go when they need the help of the community to make their vision a reality.

Fenrir Studios has an ambitious but also very reasonable goal in mind to help bring their new game Dark Storm: Ascension to life.

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Dark Storm: Ascension is an indie stealth action title, with roots heavily inspired by classic games such as Metal Gear Solid and Deus Ex.  You play as Amber Kingsley, a form Army Special Forces soldier that was dishonorably discharged after a failed mission in North Korea, which resulted in the deaths of several members of her squad.  Now riddled with guilt, Amber has joined Ancile, a private military corporation charged with protecting the Irving Apex Facility in Alaska.  There she hopes to find a new purpose, but will ultimately be forced back into action when the base comes under attack from a mysterious enemy.


On their team to bring Dark Storm: Ascension to life are developers who have worked on “Guild Wars”, “League of Legends”, “Sword Art Online”, “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm” and more.  The team is led by project leader Robert Smith and lead level designer JaVonni Ortiz the co-founders of Fenrir Studios.

Original development of Dark Storm: Ascension began in Unreal Developers Kit (UDK), and while a great deal of work had been completed, business decisions outside of our studio’s control allowed Fenrir Studios to move development to Epic’s new Unreal Engine 4.  As a result a large number of levels and assets needed to be rebuilt within UE4.  Nevertheless, despite the additional production time this brought to us, it offers us the opportunity to bring a new level of quality to our production, which ensures a better product for consumers.

If you have any questions for them you can join them for a live Q&A on Twitch on August 19th at 4pm PST and August 31st at 4pm PST

With only 16 days left they are still in need of help to reach their $50,000 goal.

You can support Dark Storm, learn more about them, watch some game play and even demo the game yourself at their Kickstarter:

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