WHAT'S IN THE BOX ?!?! Come on what's in the box?????!!!!

The Ultimate Question.  Normally asked on Birthdays, Holidays and in the occasional movie thriller.  Now, thanks to the newest subscription trend, it is being asked every month.  Lootcrate, Nerdblock, Ipsy, Birchbox,and even Japancrate, just to name a few.  In return for a monthly subscription fee you receive a special box or bag containing specialized items chosen by the company.  Some offer samplers, others offer full size items, often it depends on the subscription fee you pay.

What you received depends on who you subscribe to; T-shirts, collectables, makeup or food, the range has been endless.  Now comes a new player into the field – COSBOX, a monthly subscription box for Cosplayers.  CosBox is the brainchild of cosplayers Mewchi, Seifer-Sama, and Alasse Venear Captivations.  The company is in the start up phase right now, they are currently running a GoFundme Campain to be able to start sending out boxes in July.  According to their website they plan to offer samples of cosplay supplies.  Everything from makeup and wig making to thermoplastic and sculpy.

Now I am normally not one to do subscriptions (cosplaying with three kids can be expensive), as it is however sample size may be the perfect size for kids costumes.  Also I love the fact that they promise to include how to’s from different Cosplayers.  They have the following Cosplayers listed as their representatives Feoranna Cosplay, Barracuda Cosplay, Fantasyninja, Luluko, Feldon, GRRRRyan Cosplay, Ryan Wells, Yirico, RikkuGrape, TifaIA Cosplay, Lumos Cosplay, and On Impulse Photography.  Although I have sewn for several years; makeup , wig-work and thermoplastics are still in the learning curve area for me.  With lessons designed to teach new Cosplayers this could be great help for me and a great learning experience for my kids.

If the box does include all it promises it will be well worth the subscription.  I plan on defintely following up on Cosbox, and hope they reach their goal.  Look for a follow up article in July.  If I do decide to subscribe I will do a box opening Video so you can all see what has arrived.

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