Free Comic Book Day

Discussions of favorite superheroes, people dressed in costume and the longest lines in history.  No, this was not the line for Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was the line at the local Comic book store today. Today was the annual Free Comic Book Day, which happens the first Saturday in May.  Most Comic Book stores take advantage of the day  to promote themselves and the Comic Book industry.

My family took advantage of the events held at All About Books and Comics ( Upon arriving we were greeted by a group of Mandelorians waving.  At the front of the store  was a display for Phoenix Comic Con.


Walking into the store was walking into a wall of humanity. The store had long displays of free comic books of every genre,  there was something for everyone.  The Stormtroopers seemed to be having fun playing line management and were on hand telling everyone to “move along”, but even the Flash would have had to slow down to look at things at a shuffling pace.  While waiting in line for Face painting we were offered special cookies made just for today for the store and given out, like the comic books, for free.

The staff handled the large amount of customers extremely well and the crowd  themselves were very understanding of the wait times. Getting to see old and new favorite characters as well as getting to share stories of different comic book characters made for a fun day as well.

With faces painted, cookies eaten and comic books in hand it was time to head home. Though the day was over like a good comic book the memory of the stories will live on.

Free Comic Book Day started in 2002 in the U.S. and has grown to become an international event.  For more Questions on FCBD check out their website at

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