Tales of a Trekkie at Las Vegas Star Trek

– Article by EJ De la Pena

Life is like a wormhole – here at STLV
Warp fields, phasers, Jem Hadar – it’s a Trek blur
Might crack Transwarp – or go save history!

Ok, now that I’ve got the silly out of my system (just kidding – that’s not possible) I guess I better get on this blog about my experience at STLV that the Geekian Report very kindly asked me to write for them.

Cons for me aren’t the same as it is for most Trek fans – or fans of any franchise for that matter. Because of my work with Nobility and Deadliest Fandom, cons for me are normally work. I don’t mean work I mean WORK. Most conventions we have booths and panels and networking events and all sorts of crazy things going on that have my head spinning from beginning to end. So this convention was a pleasant treat because I could finally go and just be a fan. I can just go and let my Trek flag fly! And fly it did!

But because I’m normally working at cons as an industry professional, when I do get to go to one as a fan, I’m not interested in the same things most fans are. I don’t do photo ops or signings, or go nuts buying memorabilia in the vendor’s room. I don’t plant myself by the main stage and listen to stories. I don’t chase the celebrities around trying to meet them. I’m not their for the celebs – many of them I can contact regardless of the con (though there’s always a few my inner fan screams in pleasure when I get to meet them for the first time). I’m there for the fans. I’m there for YOU.

So that’s what I’m going to talk about. I’m going to talk about YOU. My highlights of the con were when I was able to plant myself at the designated Star Trek themed bar and just chat with my fellow Trekkies. Because, honestly, as much as I’m all about IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations for those non-Trekkies out there) I don’t get to hang out with “my own kind” very often. Most of my friends appreciate Sci-fi but most of them don’t quite get my obsession of this particular series. So to be able to just sit in one spot and see a rotating stream of Trek fans sit next to me and just nerd out was a rare treat and something special for me. Whether it was the group of Brits dressed in TNG (The Next Generation) movie era dress uniforms, that one effeminate guy who completely got why I call myself a Niner (a Deep Space Nine fan), or that one night when all my work friends and acquaintances who are also Trekkies all happened to find me at the bar at the same time – I had one hell of a time. Especially when the cute Klingons got involved ;-)!

Star Trek Las Vegas and Klingons

There were great moments outside of the bars too. Like during Klingon Karaoke when Mike Okuda, with whom I’ve chatted on Facebook and elsewhere on occasion, sat down next to me and and we completely bonded on the fan-but-professional point of view we both share. MAN has that guy got some great stories! But I’ll let him tell them if he wants ;-). Mike also took an awesome photo of me at the con. Not sure why, but I’m glad he did!


There was also another time at Klingon Karaoke when one of my favorite Trek themes (though much maligned by some fans) “Faith of the Heart” from Enterprise came on and THE ENTIRE CROWD started singing along! That was a freakin AWESOME experience. I just had to bust out my phone and record it! Feel free to check out the video HERE! If you listen closely you can also hear the, ahem, “beautiful” voice of yours truly. Ok, maybe don’t listen that close. Your ears will start to bleed. Unless your Klingon. Klingons like bleeding. So if you’re a Klingon you should listen. XD.

I did spend SOME time in the main hall and heard some great stories. Like Scott Bakula talking about how he makes the fantastical elements of the sci-fi roles he plays real for him in his mind (something I can relate to as an actor) and how he views the ending of Quantum Leap (SPOILER) as not sad that Sam Beckett never made it home, but that Sam’s still out there doing good in the world. Putting right what once went wrong (See what I did there? – teeheehee). Or when William Shatner spoke about how Star Trek and Star Wars are interdependent and inspire each other. Though he did it in the most PROVOCATIVE way possible by saying Star Trek wouldn’t exist without Star Wars. I could talk more on that subject but I think that’s a topic for another blog lol.


Overall, this was one hell of a con. Though I do have to mention that, as an industry professional, you’re never truly a civilian at these things. While I did do some networking and met some great fellow industry pros, the real highlight were the NOBILITY fans I met. I really do have to give special thanks to those NOBILITY fans who recognized me, bought me drinks, or otherwise told me how much they loved they saw at our screening at [INSERT CON HERE]. You guys don’t have to do that, it’s not something I expect or seek, but it is great to know how much the fans appreciate the work our team at Cowboy Errant and our partners are doing. And it’s only the beginning!

So, as I was saying, this was one HELL of a con! Filled with fun, revelry, new experiences, you name it! I think I’ll end this blog by repeating my Facebook post from when I realized the con was ending.

“WHAT?!!! ITS OVER!!! I want more convention…GIVE ME MORE CONVENTION!!!!”

Perhaps I should have added an “or else” after that? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Next year’s Star Trek Convention is already in the works!  Set for August 2-6th in Las Vegas.



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