Arizona's Premier Gaming Expo

GAME ON! By Durrilion Game On Expo, the first of its kind in Arizona, was also my first “official” Video Jouzu assignment.  I was both excited and nervous; I had not played video games since Tetris was new. The Expo was held in the Mesa Convention center.  At first glance the small buildings and parking lot had me worried.  After getting the lay of the land (so to speak) I…

Cosplay Gallery from D23 2015

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Interview with Knowone's Designs at Phoenix Comicon 2015

[youtube] To learn more about Knowone’s Designs visit their official sites:

Thursday at Phoenix Comic Con 2015


WHAT'S IN THE BOX ?!?! Come on what's in the box?????!!!!

The Ultimate Question.  Normally asked on Birthdays, Holidays and in the occasional movie thriller.  Now, thanks to the newest subscription trend, it is being asked every month.  Lootcrate, Nerdblock, Ipsy, Birchbox,and even Japancrate, just to name a few.  In return for a monthly subscription fee you receive a special box or bag containing specialized items chosen by the company.  Some offer samplers, others offer full size items, often it depends…