Cos-Losseum 2016 A Gallery

Cos-Losseum looks like it is going to be growing quickly if the crowd turning out Saturday was any sign! Photography by: Shannon Shea & Lon Muckey [AFG_gallery id=’7′]

Cos-Losseum A Mini Con With Big Dreams and a Big Heart

Cos-Losseum is a new convention taking place in San Diego, CA this weekend (Jan 23-24).  With a limited amount of tickets on sale it’s likely to sell out with the popularity of Cosplay and Comic Conventions. We had a chance to ask one of it’s founders, Don Posey, a few questions about this new “mini-con”. Cos-Losseum is made up of 2 words Cosplay and Colosseum.  “I wanted a title that…

Anime Impulse 2016 Gallery

A look at the attendees, vendors and panels of Anime Impulse 2016! Photography by: Shannon Shea & Lon Muckey [AFG_gallery id=’6′]

TaiyouCon 2016 A Gallery

TaiyouCon was this past weekend, January 15-17, 2016 at the Mesa Convention Center.  Bustle Girl and Tessa stopped in to have a look around at all the talented people there! [AFG_gallery id=’5′]

Phoenix Fan Fest 2015 Cosplayers

Phoenix Fan Fest 2015: Cosplayers by Durrilion I have always loved costumes.  Halloween was a favorite time of year (though not so much with the trick or treating, but that’s another story).  When I learned how to sew a whole new world open up for me.  After attending my first convention (as a humble attendee) I was blown away by the costumes (or more correctly cosplays) I was seeing.  So…

Kiba the Cosplay Corgi: A Q & A Panel with Nicole and Kiba

Kiba the Cosplay Corgi: A Q & A Panel with Nicole and Kiba by Durrilion Kiba the Cosplay Corgi is quite the convention celebrity.  He is adorable in cosplay and out, though his mom Nicole assures us that when he’s not working, he is a typical high energy Corgi.  Nicole began dressing Kiba up when he was a puppy (doggy t-shirts, sweaters, etc).  It wasn’t until 2013 that, on a whim, she decided to…

The Cosplayers of Comic & Media Expo 2015

Cosplayers from Comic and Media Expo 2015, Mesa AZ by Durrilion It is no secret that the biggest, and most fun part of any con is cosplay.   This a chance to show off all your hard work, skill, and creativity.  Geeks all around the world spend hours and hours, hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars finding the right materials, compiling as many reference images as possible and pouring their…

Welcome to the Panel!

Hi! Welcome to the Panel! by Durrilion It’s con weekend!  There’s so much to do and to see!  Where does one start?  The best thing is to check out the event’s programming schedule.  The vendors (and their cool stuff) and the exhibitors will still be in the hall, but those panels are usually a ‘one and done’ situation at con’s. Comic and Media Expo 2015, in Mesa, AZ had quite…

Comic and Media Expo 2015

Comic and Media Expo 2015: Check out all the stuff! By Durrilion One of the main reasons we attend conventions is for the stuff.  Missing that all important issue in your comic collection?  Go to a con.  Looking for the latest awesome figurine of your favorite hero/heroine?   You’ll find it at a con.  Hoping to get more involved in your community?…there are several charity/community service cosplay groups at the con….

Yaya Han and Joann's Partner with Cosplay Fabrics

Until now, costumers interested in pushing the creativity of their designs to the next level had two choices — either make due with limited selections at local stores or shop online. A new line of Cosplay Fabrics, announced at New York Comic Con, brings a whole range of specialty fabric options right to local Jo-Ann’s stores this spring. (PRWEB) October 08, 2015 Cosplay Fabrics is excited to announce a new…