A Visit to the New Mexico Museum of Space History

The New Mexico Museum of Space History sits at the base of a mountain range on the edge of Alamogordo, New Mexico. A small city with a population of just 32,000 that is at the crossroads of several freeways including the 70, with White Sands to the South and Roswell about 2 hours northeast, the 82 through the mountains, and the N/S running 54. The town is laid out in…

Hanadoki Con 2017: A Gallery

Hanadoki Con 2017 took place April 14-16 in San Diego, CA!  We got to visit the Mochi Maid Cafe, attend a traditional Urasenke Tea Ceremony, enjoy a performance by Infinite Combo and of course take in all the fun cosplay! For the full gallery please visit our official Facebook or Flickr https://www.facebook.com/pg/TheGeekianReport/photos/?tab=album&album_id=633730383490192

Anime Los Angeles, Come Party With The Thousands of Friends You're About To Meet

A visit to Animé Los Angeles at the Ontario Convention Center will set you at an event where the person out of costume is in the minority and the entire place feels like a friendly party! Anime Los Angeles definitely has one of the highest per capita of people in costumes that I think I have ever seen at a convention.   Before you have even entered there is a crowd…

Anime Impulse Car Shows, Fashion Shows, Concerts, Oh My!

Anime Impulse takes place during the much larger and older event Asian American Expo at the fairgrounds in Pomona, California, but that doesn’t mean that this new anime event should be overlooked.  In fact you should add it to your list of ‘new events to keep an eye on’. Being held at a fairground instead of a convention center gives them a unique feel and, I’m sure, unique challenges.  Food…

Pacific Media Expo 2016 [A Gallery]

[AFG_gallery id=’16’] Photos by Shannon Shea and Travel Lon

Los Angeles Comic Con 2016 [A Gallery]

Photos by Shannon Shea and Lon Muckey [AFG_gallery id=’17’]

Long Beach Comic Con 2016 [Gallery]

Lets take a stroll around Long Beach Comic Con 2016. Photos by Shannon Shea [AFG_gallery id=’15’]

Gamestop Expo 2016 [Gallery]

Gamestop Expo was, as its title suggests, originally a convention held for owners of Gamestop stores around the country.  It was meant to introduce them to the latest games, accessories, product tie ins and to each other, so that they could be up to date with the fast changing world of gaming and be better able to interact with their customers.  Only in the last few years have they opened…

Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2016 [Gallery]

If you want to see all the latest products and promotions before it hits the general public, then you go to The Las Vegas Licensing Expo! [AFG_gallery id=’13’]

Wild Wild West Con 2016 Gallery

[AFG_gallery id=’12’]