TMNT star Ernie Reyes Jr. in Need of Kidney Transplant

He was the adorable bratty King Tam in Red Sonja who eventually learned his lesson in humility and was willing to risk his life to try and save Sonja in the end.  He was also the actor in the Donatello suit in TMNT 1 before becoming pizza delivery boy Keno in TMNT 2 (of course we’re talking about the 90s movies).  And while he spent most of his time rescuing others in the movies it is Ernie Reyes Jr. who needs the rescuing today.

The actor turned MMA fighter is suffering from kidney failure and is going through 12 hours a week of dialysis while he waits for his transplant.

His sister has set up a gofundme to help in the cost of the operation and it has raised nearly half its goal in 6 days.

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Mr. Reyes, Jr. and his family in the hopes of a swift recovery.

ernie reyes jr

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