Live Action Akira Fan-Made Trailer is Awesome!

When I was growing up there were two types of Anime Fans.  The kind that understood Akira (or claimed they understood it) and those that didn’t.

It was almost like a test when you were asked “Do you understand Akira?”  You only got one chance at it.  You didn’t come to understand Akira later – you just understood it, or you didn’t.

If you said yes you were met with a fair amount of suspicion until you entered into a conversation with those that did and proved you did, or you said you didn’t and that was met with sympathetic looks and nods and “It’s okay, not many people do.”

While I fell squarely into the camp that didn’t, I’m going to say that the fans that created this Fan-Made Trailer were and are in the group that do understand Akira.  And while limitations in budget can be seen around the edges it’s still a great trailer!


You can keep track of them and their productions at their official website – the Akira Project –

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