Reboot: The Guardian Code Transports You Back to MainFrame

Reboot was the first all CG cartoon on television back in the early 90s and told the story of all the AIs in MainFrame fighting against the evil MegaByte and Hexadecimal.

It was a charming series for it’s time and is, unsurprisingly, dated looking by today’s CG standards.  Although the innocent charm of the story is still intact.

In the newest sequel to the series humans, who are never seen in the original series, are about to make an appearance, and an impact, on MainFrame.  The new series seems to be borrowing quite a bit from recent movies.  The heroes are pulled into the computer in an obvious nod to Tron and Tron:Legacy and the look of the heroes whilst inside their cyber suits is all but a rip off of the look of Iron Man in the Marvel movies.

But just because it’s not as groundbreaking as the original doesn’t mean it won’t be a fun adventure.

Reboot:The Guardian Code debuts on Netflix March 30th.

Check out the Guardian Code Trailer and the opening of the original ’94 Reboot below.






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