New Dangers Await the Robinson Family in Netflix Reboot of Lost in Space

“Danger Will Robinson!” is one of the most iconic lines in the sci-fi universe.  If you don’t know it you’ve missed out on 5o years of Robinson Family Mayhem.

The original Lost in Space debuted in 1965 in black and white and within a year had become one of the first sci-fi tv series in color.  The story was set in the far future of 1997 and unfortunately the Jupiter 2 is nowhere near reality, even in 2018.

It was remade into a movie in 1998, 1 year after the original fictional family was supposed to have launched off on their adventure and in general we’d rather not discuss it.

The new series announced by Netflix looks visually awesome, but also holds a darker tone.  In the original it was the thrill of colonizing space that spurred the Robinson family to be chosen from millions of volunteers to go to Alpha Centauri.  The monologue at the beginning of this trailer suggests that the need to colonize space is of a much more urgent nature.

“Humankind evolves.  It’s how we survive.  Through ice ages, plagues, wars, disasters from above.  We adapt our skills, our languages, our very bodies in order to live.  Earth is our home, but only so long as it keeps us safe.  When this world can no longer serve that purpose, another planet, another colony, another chance…the rest of human history begins now.”

It also remains to be seen if a Dr Smith like saboteur is the cause of the Robinson’s adventures or something of a more natural space phenomenon.

Lost in Space premieres April 13, 2018.

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