Jurassic World Exhibition Coming To Philadelphia with Animatronic Dinosaurs!

NBCUniversal Brand Development has partnered with Imagine Exhibitions to launch the North American premiere of Jurassic World: The Exhibition at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pa.

Jurassic World: The Exhibition will feature life-size animatronic dinosaurs, designed by Creature Technology Company, set in environments based on film. It will also allow guests to experience a simulation of an actual visit and tour to the park as seen in Jurassic World, including re-creations of moments from the movie.

The exhibition made its world premiere in Melbourne, Australia, at the Melbourne Museum in March 2016.

“Bringing Jurassic World to life as an interactive exhibit is truly an awe-inspiring guest experience. We’ve been so pleased with the incredible engagement that Jurassic World: The Exhibition has experienced in Melbourne, Australia, now is the perfect time to bring the exhibit to Philadelphia and the U.S.,” says David O’Connor, executive vice president, global brand marketing and partnerships, Universal Pictures. “Creating immersive, new ways for consumers to interact with Jurassic World is part of our long-term plan to extend and deepen touch points with the brand worldwide.”

Jurassic World: The Exhibition will make its U.S. premiere, Nov. 25, and will run through April 2017.

“We are thrilled to host Jurassic World: The Exhibition this fall at The Franklin Institute.  Dinosaurs are extremely fascinating creatures, plain and simple. People of all ages continue to be in awe of them, and scientists will never stop learning from them,” says Larry Dubinski, president and chief executive officer, The Franklin Institute. “Paleontologist and exhibit advisor Jack Horner made his first discovery at the age of 8 and has not stopped digging since. That is exactly the impact we hope this exhibit has on children and all visitors–peaking their curiosity and inspiring them to never stop digging, exploring and learning.”

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