Independence Day 2 Official Q&A Reveals New Details About "Independence Day: Resurgence"

The Independence Day Live Event lived up to expectations with some revelations and perhaps some slips by the cast on what is going on in the new movie.

ID42 Cast

First up was Director Roland Emmerich with the official title being revealed as “Independence Day: Resurgence”.   The first movie is referred to as “The war of ’96” in Resurgence and “It’s a very different world.”  Emmerich said.  “It’s like a post World War Generation.

A few things shared by the director and cast on their characters and the plot were:

ID42 Jeff Goldblum

The moon is obviously going to play an important part in this new movie as the set that they stood on was revealed by Emmerich to be the moon shuttle bay with a “Moon Tug” and a human/alien fighter with anti gravity engines.  “We can’t build alien technology but we can harvest it.

David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) is now the Director of the “Earth Space Defense Force” making sure that everyone is safe on the planet.  “The technology that we found from the downed ships has been appropriated and married to our technology.  So we’re ready with a bigger punch and some bigger shields…But never mind we can’t say that!” Goldblum added as the cast and audience burst into laughter.

ID42 Jessie Usher

Dr. Okun (Brent Spiner), who was thought dead in the original Independence Day returns in “Resurgence”.

Sela Ward is one of the new characters as President Lanford.  “She’s entirely different (from President Whitmore).  It’s a totally different political landscape.   She’s tougher, more decisive, not afraid to use force, more aggressive.  It’s a very different time. We’ve been preparing for 20 years for the inevitability of an invasion.

President Whitmore’s daughter Patricia is all grown up and played now by Maika Monroe.  While the cast was (kind of!) being careful not to give too much away they did let slip that she works with President Lanford in the White House and that she might be a Secret Service Agent.

ID42 Angela Baby

Angelababy is Rain another new character in the movie – she is a tough Chinese fighter pilot who grew up without parents.

Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth)  is also a new character.  Jake lost his parents in the first attack. and grew up in an orphanage, eventually joining the military and becoming a fighter pilot.  He also is the driver of the Moon Tug.  “Which is basically a forklift on the moon and is not a very exciting job for a fighter pilot.” Liam added.

Returning as Jasmine Dubrow is Vivica A. Fox who “is no longer working the pole.  She was the stripper with a heart of gold and now 20 years later she’s moved on and is now working in the hospital as a hospital administrator.

“I would say the scope of this film is much bigger than the last one.” Liam Hemsworth replied to the question of what should fans be excited for the most in Independence Day 2.

ID42 LIam hemsworth

Independence Day: Resurgence is set for release on June 24, 2016

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