James Horner, film composer for "Avatar", "Star Trek", "Titanic" Dies in Plane Crash

James Horner, the man who wrote the music to many of the world’s most well known soundtracks ( His IMDB lists credits for “Composer” 124 times and “Music Department” 168 times), died in a plane crash this morning 60 miles North of Santa Barbara.

From his start composing for Roger Corman (Battle Beyond the Stars, The Lady in Red) to James Cameron’s “Titanic” and “Avatar”, even the music for Michael Jackson’s “Captain EO” at Disneyland, Horner composed beautiful bigger than life music that won him Grammy’s, Golden Globes and 2 Oscars.

His death was confirmed by Sylvia Patrycja, who is identified on Horner’s film music page as his assistant.

“A great tragedy has struck my family today, and I will not be around for a while. I would like some privacy and time to heal. We have lost an amazing person with a huge heart, and unbelievable talent.” Patrycja wrote on Facebook on Monday. “He died doing what he loved. Thank you for all your support and love and see you down the road.”

We’ll never know what beautiful music he had left to write.

James Horner’s IMDB page

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