First Look at Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters Reboot

Unlike his predecessor on the original Ghostbusters, it looks like this secretary might actually see some action in the reboot.

Although wearing a suit and driving around on a tiny motorcycle with what looks like a bunch of leftover gizmos in the back (it’s clearly not a full backpack) doesn’t necessarily promise that, he could be going out for Chinese food for all we know.


17-chris-hemsworth-ghostbusters.nocrop.w529.h708.2x©From Patriot Pics/FameFlynet Pictures.

According to Variety:

Insiders say the studio went to Hemsworth very early on in the process for one of the major male roles but the Aussie actor passed because the role was too small. Since then Sony sent the script back to be reworked so the part could be beefed up.” Apparently “beefed up” involves a uniform and a little field action.”



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