Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are "Passengers" Lost in Space Together

“Passengers” has had a long road to reach where it is now, with various directors and actors attached to the project since 2013.  Keanu Reeves was originally on board for the lead role, but that is now in the hands of “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt.

The story follows a spacecraft filled with sleeping colonists on their way to a distant planet.  But a malfunction in one of the sleeping chambers awakens a single passenger (Pratt) 60 years early.  Faced with the prospect of living the rest of his life completely alone he eventually decides to wake up a second passenger to join him (Lawrence).

The concept of isolation and loneliness is definitely going to lend to some dramatic elements in this sci-fi romance as is the tension of being the second passenger awakened to find herself stranded with no-one but a man whom she does not know, and a robot.

Morten Tyldum the director of “The Imitation Game” is now on board and they just cast Michael Sheen (“Far From the Madding Crowd”, “Masters of Sex”) as a third occupant of the spaceship, a lonely robot.

There is no specific release date for “Passengers”. It is listed simply as “2016”.


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