Geeks Who Eat Are Here To Introduce You to the Fun Side of Food

We all need to eat, so why not make it fun?  Two people who are experts at that and want to teach other people to play with their food are The Geeks Who Eat!  They took a moment out of their busy schedule to talk about creating geeky recipes, their love of food and geekdom and what’s next for them!

Who are the Geeks Who Eat and what was the inspiration behind starting the site?

Geeks Who Eat was started in 2015 by Sarah Eikner and Matthew Stubbs and is more than just a food blog. We aim to be more than just recipes or restaurant reviews (not that those aren’t a huge part of what we are). We want to be our readers ally in navigating the kitchen and culinary scene.

Sarah Eikner- Known in the blogging world as DC, Sarah started blogging at DAPs Magic in 2009. The focus was primarily Disney and other geeky topics but she wanted to write about more. After realizing that in addition to geek culture, her passion was food (she has even dined at some of the culinary world’s finest establishments such as The French Laundry), Geek Eats was born. When it became apparent that writing for someone’s blog just wouldn’t be enough, Sarah made the tough decision to only periodically contribute to Geek Eats. With the encouragement and support of Matthew, the Geeks Who Eat dream became a reality.

Matthew Stubbs- Matthew didn’t know what was coming for him when he started dating Sarah. Little did he know that she would be dragging him into the world of social media (kicking and screaming) and food events! Matthew is the brains behind the entire technical structure of Geeks Who Eat. Web Developer by day and gamer by night, it was a natural fit. He also has a great eye for photography (especially food photography) and an amazing talent for making interesting and unique drinks.

This past year we both decided to make Geeks Who Eat more than just a hobby. Now with Sarah manning Geeks Who Eat Headquarters full time, we are ready to show everyone that the culinary scene is accessible to anyone. Whether you are a home cook, a frequent restaurant diner, or a cocktail enthusiast, there is something for you. We participate in a lot of geeky events and it always seems that geeks do not only geek out about pop culture but also food. However, most seem to feel intimidated or keep it behind their other geekdoms. We really want our readers to let their Foodie Flags fly and geek out over culinary culture as it really does intersect with pop culture.



What has been your favorite part about running Geeks Who Eat? What has been the most challenging?

Our favorite thing about running Geeks Who Eat is getting to meet all the fantastic chefs and foodies in our community. Phoenix has such an outstanding food community and its growing! We feel so blessed that we are a part of it as it expands. The most challenging part of it all is really just keeping up! There is always a recipe to make, a restaurant to visit, or news to report. Honestly, when we started we didn’t realize just how much work goes into running a website and we have so much respect for our colleagues who do this as well!


Do you have a humorous or outrageous story connected to Geeks Who Eat to tell?

The most humorous thing that comes to mind is when Sarah met Chef Justin Beckett (owner and executive chef of Southern Rail and Beckett’s Table). She volunteered for his demo with Joanie Simon (another one of our favorite people) at Devoured. The demo was about deviled eggs and her job was to help peel them. Well these eggs were super fresh and refrigerated overnight which made them exceedingly difficult to peel. Sarah kept breaking her eggs and Justin came over and whispered, “you know I need to use those”. She was so horrified but kept at it and it all worked out. Justin was the first chef to give Sarah an interview and she’s never forgotten that!


Has there been a favorite Geeky place to eat so far?

There are so many places! While not geeky in terms of pop culture but more “food geek”, we really enjoyed Bazaar Meat in Las Vegas was mind blowing (I mean really, foie gras cotton candy?!) and Kai here in Phoenix was truly a once in a lifetime experience.


Who creates the Geeky Recipes?

We both have a hand in it, though primarily Sarah comes up the food recipes and Matthew comes up with our cocktails.


What are your plans for the future?

Make money? LOL! In all seriousness, we’d love to keep growing and become a nationally recognized blog. We don’t want to just stay local. We want to share our passion and excitement for food with everyone! Working with Food Network wouldn’t be so terrible either!


Totally off subject but what has been your favorite movie this year and what are you looking forward to?

We are totally horror junkies! Don’t get us wrong there have been a ton of great movies but we really enjoyed The Conjuring 2! It was so well done! Is there anything that James Wan does that isn’t gold? By the way, if anyone knows him we’d love to do some recipes for his movies (shameless self-plug there!). We are really looking forward to Rob Zombie’s new movie 31! Sarah is a diehard House of 1000 Corpses fan (read: she has seen this movie well over 200 times) and we are stoked he is sort of returning to that sort of horror genre.


If no one knew anything about you or your site what would you want them to know?

Food is for everyone! We really want to show everyone that anyone can be a foodie and appreciate good food or heck even MAKE good food. Sometimes (not always) a recipe will seem hard to make or a certain food item may be scary looking (ie: foie gras), but that isn’t always the case and we want to help people navigate the culinary jungle.


Where can people find you online to find out more information and keep track of updates?

You can find us on our website ( and our YouTube channel (

We are also on Social Media at:





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