The Power of Olympus on Your Gaming Table

Make Me a God

by Durrilion

We have all been there, walking through the vendors hall when suddenly something unexpected catches our eyes.  For me, at Gameon Expo it was a huge banner saying in large print “Make Me A God”.

Wouldn't this banner stop you in your tracks too?
Wouldn’t this banner stop you in your tracks too?

I had to know more, but did not have time at that moment.  So the next day I made a point of finding that booth again.  It took some time to get there when there wasn’t a large crowd, but I did it.

Creator Jason Buxenstein, owner of Buxx Game Studio, took some time to explain his new game.  With Greek mythology as an inspiration, Jason created a boardless, table top game wherein 2-4 players fight to achieve immortality.  Each player must visit 6 temples, and learn the skills necessary to become a Greek god.  Super strength, Earth, Fire, Lightening, Water, and Poison all make each player harder to kill.  The first player to learn all 6 becomes a god, and wins the game.

Combat in the game is die based.  Movement involves strategy and luck.  Alliances between the players come and go as they attempt to take down the more powerful players, in order to win.  Even if a player has 5 of the needed skills, a ‘Puny Human’ (as they are called in the game) can score a lucky die roll and take down a more powerful player.

Ability and Game play description cards at the table.

Jason’s girlfriend (I did not get her name, sorry), is a graphic designer and worked her magic to make the game pieces visually impressive. There is symbolism behind the colors as well.  Some of it is fairly intuitive, for instance Monsters are red, ‘danger’, while the puny humans are on grey cards.

A sample game is ready to go!
A sample game is ready to go!

From start to finish it took about a year and a half to get the final product.  Their Kickstarter campaign was successful and the team made the decision to produce 1,000 copies ahead of time so Kickstarter supporters would have a working game ready for Christmas.  How cool is that!?!?

With such an unusual game idea, what brought this from imagination to reality? Jason told me his original inspiration was Smash-Up.  He liked the idea of no board, a constantly changing game dynamic, and of course Greek mythology.  Make Me A God is not his first game though.  According to both Jason, and his girlfriend’s sister, Jason has been creating games since he was a child, with the sister joking that Jason didn’t have any friends when he was younger.  Well his creativity paid off in a unique game that caught the eye of Felicia Day.  When our very own Queen of the Nerds saw the box, she said “Oh my gosh! I love mythology. Is this for me”? Sounds perfect right? Well, unfortunately Jason “did something stupid”.

Instead of saying yes, he went into work mode and told her that it was their only copy and they needed it for promo pics, and to showcase game play.  By the time his brain kicked in, it was too late, both parties were walking away.  Since then Jason, his girlfriend, and her sister tag the Tabletop team and Geek & Sundry in their posts. Fingers crossed they catch Felicia or Wil’s attention.  How cool would it be for them to end up on Table top?

Jason and his girlfriend.

In the meantime look for Make Me A God on:

Instagram and Twitter @buxxgamestudio

as well as Amazon!

I know what I want this holiday season!


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