The Mummy Reboot is in production

Universal is delving back in to the world of monsters.

The new Mummy movie, which is not a continuation of the Brendan Fraser story, takes place in modern day, stars Tom Cruise as a former Special Forces Operative or Navy SEAL and Annabelle Wallis as an archaeologist, and is an introduction to a new shared universe where mummies, vampires, werewolves and more, exist.  What exactly Universal is going to do in this universe is presently unknown.  The first pictures from the set, however, have hit the web and have the two stars looking, understandably, worried.




Being that the film is presently shooting in Oxford, England, and the main heroes are already running around in the dark looking fearful, I’m going to guess that this new mummy probably centers around an exhibit escapee rather than a freshly dug up person of note in the Egyptian desert.

The film also stars Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service) as the first woman to play the title role of a mummy.  In fact you have to go back to The Mummy’s Curse (1944) to find another female mummy in a movie by Universal.

The Mummy is directed by Alex Kurtzman, who also produces alongside Chris Morgan (Fast & Furious series, Wanted) and Sean Daniel (The Mummy trilogy, The Best Man series). Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) wrote the screenplay, and Bobby Cohen executive produces.

The release date for the as yet untitled movie is June 9,2017


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