It's Kiba Master Chief!!!

Kiba’s Master Chief Cosplay

by Durrilion

The completely adorable, and hardworking Kiba the Cosplay Corgi was out in his brand new cosplay at Game On Expo.  His mom (Nicole) made him a Master Chief’s armor set in 24 hours, from start to finish (not counting breaks).  Nicole began working on the outfit the Thursday before the convention.  By Saturday afternoon she was done! She did the blackwashing at the table, though she did step outside to spray pieces with Plasti-dip.

Master Chief Kiba!

The body pieces are attached to a black dog t-shirt turned inside out because finding solid color canine shirts is tough.  Kiba’s helmet has the sleeve from one of mom’s black t-shirts glued to the inside to complete the look.

Beyond the obvious (Kiba looking really cool, and staying remarkably still while in the armor), is the fact that for this convention Nicole decided to enter Kiba in the Masquerade! To her knowledge Kiba would have been the first ever ‘pet’ entered into a cosplay competition.  She did mention someone with a service animal has dressed said animal up and they entered a competition together.

I have to point out, that during the interview both I and Nicole used the word ‘pet’.  Kiba is NOT a pet, he is a fully trained service animal, and it is imperative that we all remember he has a job to do at conventions – other than be cute, lovable, and pet worthy.

While technically a novice, Nicole chose to enter the Veterans’ category for the competition because she has been dressing Kiba up for awhile, and many of the people in the Novice category often look to smaller con’s for a chance to win the competition.  Also Nicole said in the Veteran’s category they would be up against people who would give them a run for their money, and entering a competition makes it easier to become a competition judge later.  This is especially helpful since she and Kiba are making more and more guest appearances around the country.

Regarding her work speed, Nicole said that once she sits down she works very fast.  In this case it helps that she had extra motivation from her room mates who are part of the Halo cosplay group in Arizona.

Unfortunately, Kiba did not appear in the competition.  It was one of those strange moments where everything went so smoothly and so quickly, that by the time Nicole and Kiba were ready to go, the contest was over.  Hopefully they’ll try again at the next convention.  Paws crossed.


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