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Geek Chic

By Durrilion

Gone are the days of looking like a nerd being a nightmare.  Since the 90’s (at the very least) geek culture has hit the main stream like a deuterium rich gravimetric field displacement manifold.  (Okay so I had to look that up).  With iconic characters like Superman, Batman, Darth Vader, Yoda, etc, stepping out of the Dork Forest, it was inevitable that we geeks would create our own lines of clothing.  We all love our t-shirts right?  But who among us doesn’t want to wear clothes inspired by those worlds we visit so often?

This year at Amazing Arizona Comicon I attended my first Geek Fashion Show.  Taking inspiration from gaming, films, and anime there was a nice array of nerd wear for women, men, and children.

There were many designers, with multiple pieces to show.  I searched the internet for some of the designers and picked one piece from their websites to show here.

Muster Brand – I love a long coat, and this one in a gorgeous blue really stands out.  Find it and more at

Musterbrand Arno Coat
Musterbrand Arno Coat

Courtney Leigh – inspired by Final Fantasy, Courtney’s shrug impresses chromatically and aesthetically.  See the rest of her collection at

Screenshot (353)
Versatile, colorful, and stunning shrug by Courtney Leigh

Lunar Descent – takes tech to fabric.  The rest of the collection can be found online at

Screenshot (354)
The Blue T-shirt of Death.

Level Up/Loot Crate – a ‘new’ feature to loot crate is Level up which adds even more geeky awesomeness! Head over to

Screenshot (355)
Socks, socks, socks!

Castle Corsetry – almost every woman I know in the geek community has heard of Castle Corsetry.  This Griffyndor corset helps explains why.  Follow the link for more choices.

Screenshot (356)
I may be a Ravenclaw, but this Griffindor corset is amazing!

Volante Designs – Take a long coat, add a decent hood, AND split tails, and I am hooked.  Check out the rest of the collection online.

Screenshot (357)
18th century military inspired coat ‘the Eagle’


The people behind the show chose to mix experienced and novice models in order to showcase “normal people”.  While I applaud that decision, I have to wonder how much practice the newbies had.  Many of them didn’t pause long enough (or at all in a few cases) for photos.  That made it very difficult to share what I saw with all of you.  Fortunately several of the designers have websites where I found high quality pics of their work.

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