Before names the like of Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, Christian Bale or Ben Affleck were associated with the superhero, the third actor to don the cape and mask and fight crime at the call of a lighted signal in the sky drew audiences to their TV sets each week from 1966 to 1968.  That actor, of course, was Adam West as Batman, joined by Burt Ward as the indispensable Robin.  While Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary drew far more attention, last year was also the 50th anniversary of the Batman TV series.

The pair have been been doing a year of farewell appearances at events across the US and their latest will be at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in Las Vegas, NV, June 23-25, 2017.

From the press release:

“Adam West and Burt Ward are iconic  in their portrayal of Batman & Robin.  They have thrilled five generations of fans, as the ushered super heroes into the pop culture lexicon.  We’re thrilled that fans in Las Vegas will get one more, one last chance to meet the Dynamic Duo”, says convention organizer Jimmy S. Jay.

Batman And Robin TV program from 1966 brought the Caped Crusader and DC Comics into the American household. The show was so popular with its camp elements, humor, and music that a movie hit the theatre after the first season.  More than 50 years later, fans still are energized.

For more information about Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con visit their official page:

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