Clockwork Couture Announces New Venture

Many of us were stunned by the announcement that Clockwork Couture would be closing.  Perhaps most surprised of us all was owner Donna Ricci.  ” A  business that was very healthy was now in a lot of trouble.”  She told me in a recent interview.   Sales have apparently been following the falling trend of the popularity of Steampunk.  “Sales have just been waning.  That put us in a very bad place.”

But fear not true believers with the generosity of the community they have built around them Clockwork Couture has not only paid for their May rent but have 2 new ventures about to open at the beloved store front.

“Geeky Teas” which will open June 1st will serve up tea hand blended by Donna and will feature a geekcentric feel to the room with art from local artists.  “We wanted a place where we could still showcase our friends and be community oriented and what could be more sociable than tea?”

In another part of the store will be “Euro Trash” which  will focus on BBC merchandise.  “The BBC would not allow me to open up an official BBC store because this is not UK controlled ground.” Ricci said “We tried though, because we would love to be the first official BBC store in the US!”

They are presently running an Indiegogo campaign to help with the cost of the new start ups til they can get their feet back underneath them.

And while their steampunk store will no longer have a physical location it will still be open on line at

Clockwork Couture is located at 707 S. Main Street, Burbank, CA 91506


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