Star Trek Continues "The White Iris" Is Back on YouTube

After almost 3 weeks of waiting the popular fan series Star Trek Continues has their latest episode, “The White Iris”, back on YouTube.

The episode debuted at Phoenix Comicon on May 30th and went live online the next day.  It seems though that somehow wires were crossed and the episode was pulled by YouTube (although it was still available on the Official Star Trek Continues website and Vimeo) under investigation of copyright infringement.

This notice was posted on their Facebook Page tonight:

“We are very pleased to announce that, after two notices from CBS to YouTube, the mistaken copyright strike against us has been removed — and Episode 4, THE WHITE IRIS, is back on our channel! Sincere thanks to CBS for following up on this personally. They graciously contacted us yesterday asking why the episode was not yet reposted. After learning that the hold-up was on YouTube’s end, CBS sent them a second notice to reinstate the episode immediately. Contrary to any rumormongering, no changes to the original cut have been made, nor was that ever the issue. So spread the word, and we hope you enjoy THE WHITE IRIS as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.”


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