Power Rangers Movie Moved Back to 2017 Release Date

This isn’t too surprising given there have been no cast announcements.

Ashley Miller (Thor, XMen: First Class) and Zack Stentz (Thor, XMen: First Class) are writing the script while Dean Israelite (Project Almanac) is scheduled to direct the movie, so far, known only as, “Power Rangers”

The Storyline on IMDB reads: A group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.   (Which is also not surprising.)

It is set to be released January 13, 2017 (subject to change)


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2 thoughts on “Power Rangers Movie Moved Back to 2017 Release Date

  1. Soo…
    Is this going to stay silly and childish like the series and last movie,
    Or will they Frank Millerize it and add blood, profanity, and I ut-of-place drama like every other superhero movie from the last decade?

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