John Barrowman Alright After Crash


John Barrowman posted this picture on his official FB yesterday:

john barrowman fb car

This isn’t the first car trouble Capt. Jack has had.  While taking part in a race in Powys, Wales with “Fifth Gear” presenter Tiff Needell in 2009, he survived a crash where his Subaru flipped over 4 times and ended up at the bottom of a verge and almost in a lake.  At that time  Barrowman said: “I’m lucky to walk away unscathed. I got a ticking off from my mum afterwards.”

There is no information about the present incident except that he is okay.

*a previous edition of this report confused the 2009 crash with the present one he posted about yesterday.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.*

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