James Gunn Facebook Q&A and What He Has to Say About Vol II

Guardians of the Galaxy is in Pre-Production in Atlanta, Georgia with filming scheduled to begin in February of 2016 and a May release date in 2017.

Today director James Gunn took to FB to answer fans questions that ranged from the unexpected like “Can I have your cat?”  to the more typical “What can we expect from Vol II”?

Question: Who is your favorite character in Guardians of the Galaxy?

James Gunn “I have a deep love for both Rocket & Groot.”

Question: Will Karen have a bigger role in GotG 2″

James Gunn: “Yes, Nebula is a very important character.”

Question: Would you be up for directing a Star Wars film?

James Gunn: I would not.  I have said I’m not interested in doing a Star Wars film.”

Question: Are there any more characters joining the team?

James Gunn: Yes.  There will be at least one new character in Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Question: Will Nova be in the second one?

James Gunn: No he will not be.  There will be no other humans — humans being earthlings — besides Quill (Chris Pratt).

Question: “What’s your favorite moment from Guardians?”

James Gunn: “My favorite moment from Guardians is when Drax pets Rocket.”

Lots more Guardian questions were asked – If you have 47 minutes to spare it’s a very entertaining and refreshingly honest Q&A.

Live Q&A

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