Greetings Starfighter! A Sequel to the Cult Classic "The Last Starfighter"?

Last year my favorite classic tale of a trailer park boy turned Starfighter and yours, received some well deserved extra attention when an updated fan trailer hit the web.

Several people started talking about a sequel to the first movie to use all visual effects, including Star Wars Anthology screenwriter Gary Whitta and Seth Rogen.

Turns out the movie isn’t just a fan favorite it’s a favorite in Hollywood too.  But the reason that neither a sequel nor remake has been made is that the rights are a convoluted mess that several directors and writers have tried to untangle, including Steven Spielberg.

Last year Seth Rogen made it public that he had been trying to make some headway in the direction of a sequel for some time but at the time it seemed the film’s writer, Jonathan R. Betuel, who retains the rights to all remakes and sequels, had absolutely no interest in anything happening with the film.

But he seems to have changed his mind, as in a recent interview with Yahoo Betuel said “This gets tied up in all kinds of stuff [regarding] what the next step is, and I’m working on that right now… There are a lot of things going on that will see the light of day. It’s complicated, it’s great, it’s a privilege, and it’s going to be taken care of… It’s good to be working with a team that wants to see it go. I think that the story deserves to continue.”

Whether it’s a reboot or sequel hasn’t been clarified.  I’d personally be happy if they simply replaced the outdated special effects with updated ones and then re-released it.

It also has yet to be seen if Warner Bros. or Universal, whom some say also own rights to the movie, will have any influence on the situation.


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