Chris Pratt Promises Cowboy Ninja Viking Will Be "Fantastic"

Cowboy Ninja Viking has been floating around for a few years now.  Disney was the first to buy the rights but it found its way over to Unviersal in 2012.  Chris Pratt joined the production officially in 2014 the same year Guardians of the Galaxy was released and a year before Jurassic World became his second blockbuster hit.

Now it seems that the slumbering project might be slowly showing signs of coming around.

Collider brought up the movie during a recent interview:

“It’s still in development.  It’s definitely happening.  It’s no joke, we’ve got a deal, we’re moving forward.  It’s going to be at Universal.  It’s going to be really, really fantastic.” – Chris Pratt

Cowboy Ninja Viking is a 2009 comic by Image Comics created by writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo and released through Image Comics’ partner studio Shadowline that tells the story of Duncan (Pratt) who is a member of a counter-intelligence unit who uses people with Multiple Personality disorder as assassins and refer to them as “Triplets”, describing the 3 personalities each has.  But when the unit breaks apart and some of them go rogue it’s up to Duncan to stop them.

There are no dates however and no director yet attached to the project, and with Pratt busy with the newly announced Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Jurassic World 2 it is anyone’s guess when it will get off the ground.



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