Blade Runner 2 to Begin Filming in 2016

Harrison Ford confirmed that filming would begin on the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 film Blade Runner in the Fall of 2016 during a Star Wars fan event at the Sydney Opera House in Australia in December.

‘We’ve got a really good script, a good story and a good director and a wonderful cast for the continuation of this story surrounding Blade Runner. I start that on the fall of next year,’ he said.

The Official IMDB for the project lists Ryan Gosling as the only other cast member and if rumors are true he will be taking on the new lead role.   Harrison Ford is said to be making only a brief appearance.

Ridley Scott will be acting as Executive Producer but will not be directing the movie.  Denis Villeneuve is taking over the director’s seat and acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins has signed on as cinematographer.

Villeneuve has already confirmed that the new movie will answer the question of whether Deckard is a human or replicant, insisting that even though he loves “mystery,” “shadows,” and “doubt” he wants to reassure fans that Blade Runner 2 “will take care of that mystery.”

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