Are You Ready To Get "Lost in Space" With Netflix?

The Robinson Family is getting lost again in a new reimagined take on “Lost in Space”.  The classic sci-fi show (inspired by The Swiss Family Robinson story) was about a family whose space ship is thrown off course by an unwelcome stowaway and has to learn to live with both him and countless strange environments and people light years from Earth.

The original story (1965-1968) is a bit dated as the launch of The Jupiter Two was supposed to be in 1997 and at the time it was believed we would have the ability to launch people out into deep space to places like Alpha Cenatauri.  (Don’t we wish!)

Netflix acquired the rights to the 60s TV space favorite 8 months ago and is adding it to their new line up of original programming that includes The Punisher and The Travelers.

“The original series so deftly captured both drama and comedy, and that made it very appealing to a broad audience,” Netflix vp originals Cindy Holland said Wednesday in a statement. “The current creative team’s reimagining of the series for Netflix is sure to appeal to both fans who fondly remember the original and to create a new generation of enthusiasts around the world.”

From Legendary Television, the new take is based on the beloved 1960s sci-fi classic from Irwin Allen. Netflix’s reimagined series hails from feature writing duo Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Dracula Untold, Last Witch Hunter), with Zack Estrin (Prison Break) set to serve as showrunner.

Estrin will executive produce alongside Sazama, Sharpless, Synthesis Entertainment’s Kevin Burns (The Curse of Oak Island, Ancient Aliens) and Jon Jashni (Godzilla, Pacific Rim). Also on board are Applebox’s Emmy-nominated director Neil Marshall (Game of Thrones, The Descent) and Marc Helwig. Marshall will helm multiple episodes of the series.

The release date is set for some time in 2018.

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