The Official Sailor Moon Fan Club Is Now International

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the original animated Sailor Moon tv series (the 26th anniversary of the manga) and Naoko Takeuchi and Skiyaki are giving us plenty of things to celebrate!  A new live action musical this fall, the announcement of a sequel tv series to Sailor Moon Crystal, official Sailor Moon makeup by Shiseido a new app available both through Itunes and Google Play and now the official Sailor Moon Fan Club is open to international members!

The Fan Club debuted last year (which is shocking that it took so long for the Sailor Moon franchise to have an official club!) during the 25th anniversary of the manga debut and this year they are opening it up to all of us who love Sailor Moon around the world!

The cost is around $50 (5500 Yen) if you live in Japan and $58 for those who are farther afield.  They are working with Tokyo Otaku Mode for the international memberships.

When you sign up you’ll receive a numbered membership card with artwork of Princess Serenity by Naoko Takeuchi and a pendant in the shape of Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick Wand.  If you are a returning member you will also receive a stationary set which is a reproduction of a freebie given to readers of the Nakayoshi manga anthology when Takeuchi’s manga was being serialized in the 90s.

Do you need any other reason to sign up?  Well if you do there are other benefits. They include a quarterly newsletter, the option to purchase member-exclusive merchandise, advance ticket sales to the live-action Sailor Moon stage musicals, and the opportunity to attend special fan events for members only. You’ll also get access to the online Kotono Misuishi’s Punishment Radio, hosted by Sailor Moon voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi.

The official Fan Club site is in Japanese and has all the information on merchandise, apps and what’s new for Sailor Moon Fans.

For the English speakers Sign up for the Fan Club at the following link:

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