The Huntsman: Winter's War Newest Trailer

I would say “Winter is Coming” but we aren’t discussing Game of Thrones.  This is the newest trailer for The Huntsman: Winter’s War (prequel to “Snow White and the Huntsman”).

While it’s called “The Huntsman”, the posters, and much of the promotion, seems to center around the ladies in this film.  Chris Hemsworth is just the loose tie that holds this world to its prequel.  Well, of course, that and Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen Ravenna.  Actually you could almost have had just the Evil Queen return and have this be her origin story rather than messing with the Huntsman.  Not that I’m complaining about seeing Chris Hemsworth in leather and swinging a sword again…

The story seems a bit off to me simply for the fact that I don’t remember The Huntsman Eric acting all that familiar with Queen Ravenna in Snow White.  As in having met her previously in battle.  So I’m not sure how that is going to play out.  One thing is for certain, if you haven’t gotten enough of sisters fighting each other, especially when one sister can freeze anything at will…then this movie is probably for you.

This winter’s tale is set to open in one month, on April 22nd.



When Freya (Emily Blunt), a young queen who can freeze her enemies in ice, learns of the demise of her sister, the evil Ravenna (Charlize Theron), she summons her soldiers to recover the Magic Mirror. After resurrecting Ravenna, the two wicked sisters amass a seemingly indestructible army that threatens the kingdom. Only the skills of Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and Sara (Jessica Chastain), two warriors who defied Freya by falling in love, can save this enchanted land from the forces of darkness.

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