MAC Unleashes the Good Luck Trolls Makeup Line For the Upcoming Movie

Trolls looks to be the brightest and most neon colored movie of the year.  Due in theaters this holiday season it stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as two Trolls who detest each other out to save their entire tribe who have been kidnapped by a Bergen.

It’s also likely to have the most danceable soundtrack of the year being it’s executive music director was none other than Justin Timberlake.

So how could you resist turning all of those bright colors into the most crazy rainbow-hued makeup line of the year??

The answer is YOU CAN’T!


MAC released the line of Troll inspired makeup today hard on the heels of their success at San Diego Comic Con with their Star Trek makeup (which will be released in stores on Sep 1) and almost 4 months before the opening of the movie in early November.

The Good Luck Trolls makeup line includes:

5 eyeshadow colors ($17.00) and 4 glitters ($22.00)

Good Luck Trolls Eyeshadow 1

4 lipsticks ($18.00) and 4 glosses ($16.00)

Good Luck Trolls Lipstick 1


2 blushes ($28.00) and 2 colored hair sprays (28.00)

Good Luck Trolls Blush and hair color

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