Disney Brings Game of Thrones Writer Onboard for Live Action Sword in the Stone

The Wart is coming to the big screen again!

THR reports that Game of Thrones writer/producer Brian Cogman (who is presently continuing his love affair with the medieval theme by working on an adaptation of the card game Magic: The Gathering) will help bring Disney’s tale to life.

The animated “Sword in the Stone” was released in 1963, it was, in fact, the final movie released before Walt Disney’s death, and told the story of a young King Arthur.  It was loosely based on “The Once and Future King” by T.H. White.  In it, with the help of a lovable, bumbling Merlin and his talking owl, Archimedes, the orphan Arthur (Known as The Wart by his adopted family) learns all about science and magic by being turned in to a fish and a squirrel amongst other things.

Tomorrowland’s Brigham Taylor will be producing the movie (as well as Disney’s live action Jungle book and Haunted Mansion).

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