"Dance Magic" Tribute From "The Babe With The Power"

Toby Froud was only around 1 years old when he became “The Babe With the Power” in one of the 80s most iconic fantasy movies (and there were many!).  In a scene filled with muppets, madness, and David Bowie, “Dance Magic” is one of the best known scenes and songs from Labyrinth.

Well that baby, who was the son of Labyrinth concept artist Brian Froud and puppet sculptor Wendy Froud, is all grown up now and a puppeteer, fabricator and filmmaker of fantastic things himself.

On January 16th on You Tube he posted this tribute to the late David Bowie:

I found this clip from the first night of shooting “Lessons Learned”
Tired and feeling silly we broke out “Dance Magic” In a celebration of Puppets, Film making and Bowie!


The video ends with “In Memory of David Bowie The Goblin King

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