Author Erin Lausten harries the Paranormal in her new novel Deadbeat

Fantasy/Sci Fi author Erin Lausten has surprised readers with her time travel Viator Legacy novels. She has also intrigued readers with her gritty steampunk Cibola series. With her new novel Deadbeat readers will truly enjoy this tongue-in-cheek story of young preschool teacher thrust into a Scottsdale paranormal community.

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Phoenix, AZ – Sept. 4, 2015 – Erin Lausten’s new novel Deadbeat in digital format. This novel begins Erin’s foray into the world of the supernatural. Deadbeat contains all of your typical supes, (ie vampires, werewolves, elves), as well as the not so typical variety of supernatural beings. The fast paced action and dialogue pack a lot of story into this introduction of yet another series. Look for the print version of this book October 1st.

When asked about the writing experience for Deadbeat Erin’s responded by asking, “Ever have a time when you come up with a joke and find it so hilarious you can’t stop giggling? That was Deadbeat.” Erin continued by stating that throughout the process of writing Deadbeat she constantly thought of the image typically portrayed of the paranormal then wondered what their lives would be like as typical middle-class citizens. “What if their life was just as mundane and crazy as mine is?” With this as her background inspiration, Erin Lausten created fully developed characters with fun interactions.

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Author Erin Lausten – photo by CowGirl Zen Photography

History has been the single unifying interest in Erin Lausten’s life from a very young age. After several years as an archaeologist she moved her digging to reference libraries. she realized her true passion lay in writing the stories in her head. Combining romance, history and excitement she hopes her readers walk away from her books smiling and ready for more. She lives in Arizona with her archaeologist husband and three children.

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