Star Wars Battlefront – Need We Say More?

Here is a game that almost needs no introduction. It surely was one of the most highly anticipated announcements at E3 and EA did not fail to deliver.

Peter Moore began the introduction of the new game with this speech:

“…Every once in a great while you can be a part of something special. This is one of those moments. In the past 2 1/2 years we’ve put some of EA’s greatest talent and most advanced technology together with one of the most beloved sagas of our time. As we seek to create something that millions of fans around the world will love. The passion, creativity and dedication come from our Dice Studio in Stockholm. The technology is EA’s own Frostbite Game Engine and the game is, of course, Star Wars Battlefront.”

“Now Frostbite powers many of the games that you’ve seen here today. Looking ahead, Frostbite will be at the core of even more EA games including experiences for mobile devices and maybe one day VR.”

“Right now the sophistication of Frostbite is bringing to a galaxy far far away to life like never before.”

“In just a few moments you’ll see how tools like physically based rendering, new weathering systems and a technique called photogrammetry are being used to create an incredibly detailed, immersive and completely authentic experience in Star Wars Battlefront.”

“So let us show you…Made by developers that love Star Wars, for fans who love Star Wars let’s step into the world of Star Wars Battlefront.”

Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir, Senior Producer at Dice then took over:

Like many of you, I can’t remember a time when Star Wars was not a part of my life.  And one of my earliest memories is of seeing a dark, ominous being that I was terrified of.  That being whose mask still has the ability to strike fear in me is Darth Vader.  I remember playing with the old action figures or attaching a clothes pin to a magic marker to create a blaster pistol so that I could run around shooting lasers at imaginary storm troopers.  Today, by far, the best place to truly lose yourself is video games.  With Star Wars Battlefront we will immerse players in a an incredibly authentic, visually stunning universe.”

“When you fly in an X-Wing it’s the real X-Wing.”

Multiplayer battles range from eight players to 40. You can also play single-player missions as you wish.

Star Wars Battlefront will be out November 17, 2015.


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