Passengers footage revealed at CinemaCon and Chris Pratt drops his mic on Jennifer Lawrence's foot

The Geekian Report wrote about Passengers almost a year ago and now the first footage arrived at Cinema Con for the movie set to release in the Christmas season this year.  That’s a tall order for an all original movie as it will be going up against the built in fandom of Star Wars: Rogue One.

The story follows a spacecraft filled with sleeping colonists on their way to a distant planet.  5,000 people have decided to make the trip that will take 120 years.  John Preston (Chris Pratt) wakes up only 30 years in to the journey and finds himself with the possibility of being alone for the rest of his life when he cannot return to suspended animation.

There are Titanic”esque” overtones with the decks being separated by upper and lower class passengers and John cannot attain any of the luxuries kept for 1st class as he wanders the empty decks with only a robot (played by Michael Sheen) as a companion.

In the original plot released last year he decides to wake up another passenger to keep him company, but now it sounds like Aurora’s (Jennifer Lawrence) chamber also malfunctions and wakes her up early.  She is a writer traveling first class so that she can write about her experiences when she makes the return trip to Earth.

If there has been a change in plot it is probably a good one because the idea of someone basically choosing who he wants as his mate after walking around for a year looking in sleeping pods and then condemning her to life with him alone on a ship has much darker elements to it.  And if Pratt’s character can’t get in to the upper class areas, then he’d be unable to wake Lawrence’s character up because he wouldn’t be able to get near her sleeping pod.

During the presentation Chris Pratt ended up creating a media storm when he accidentally dropped his microphone on his co-star’s foot.

Pratt wanted the crowd excited about the film and was telling them, “Whoever you called to order popcorn and soda stuff, double up the order right around Christmas, because you’re gonna seek a lot of it. That was the joke.”

The joke humorously flopped, but he was saved when his microphone dropped … on Lawrence’s foot.

“Ow, you dropped it on my foot,” the 25-year-old actress exclaimed as the crowd of 4,000 erupted in laughter.

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“That was the anti-Kanye,” Pratt, 36, said. “I dropped the mic on your foot.”

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