Marvel to Skip San Diego Comic Con 2015

No one will be being asked to bow before the might of Loki in Hall H this year.  In fact no one from the Marvel Universe will be there at San Diego Comic Con at all.

James Gunn has previously said that he didn’t expect an appearance at SDCC, when asked whether he would be there to promote Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

It is believed that Marvel Studios is going to hold off their presentations and big announcements for D23, the Disney Expo which happens a month later in August.  Last D23 saw lots of Marvel previews and stars with Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman announcing Thor: The Dark World, Chris Evans and Sam Wilson for Winter Soldier and several glimpses of The Guardians of the Galaxy.

This will leave Hall H vacant for Warner Bros. to slip in with DC heavy presentations of Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) and Suicide Squad(2016), Wonder Woman(2017) and Justice League, Part One(2017).

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