Cos-Losseum A Mini Con With Big Dreams and a Big Heart

Cos-Losseum is a new convention taking place in San Diego, CA this weekend (Jan 23-24).  With a limited amount of tickets on sale it’s likely to sell out with the popularity of Cosplay and Comic Conventions.

We had a chance to ask one of it’s founders, Don Posey, a few questions about this new “mini-con”.

Cos-Losseum is made up of 2 words Cosplay and Colosseum.  “I wanted a title that we could grow into and that would portray what we aspire to be, which is larger than life; a colossus.”

For those who don’t know, the word Cosplay originated in Japan and is made up of the words “Costume” & “Play”.

D.P. – “In my opinion it is more than the act of creating the costume or elements of a character that you’d like to portray, but rather the act of mastering your skill as a craftsman and expanding your imagination. It’s not always about replication, because you can always create your very own character and that is what’s beautiful about the Cosplay Community. I first started Cosplaying back in 2008 at DragonCon in Atlanta. I’ve always been a huge fan of theatre and make-up and I’m also a huge Nerd, so I feel extremely comfortable being in this type of community.”



But not everyone makes the jump from cosplayer to convention runner.  Attending a convention may be all fun and games but to manage one is a serious commitment.  With a background in event promotion and a love of his art Posey was up for the challenge.

D.P. – “It takes a lot of time, heart, and passion to pull together the right team and to stay on track. The logistics of even a small event can become overwhelming if you don’t have the right people to help take some of the weight off of your shoulders. I would say if you don’t have the drive, endurance, or willingness to put some blood, sweat, and tears into even the littlest of projects….this is probably not something for you.”

It may be a “mini-con” but it has a big heart.  This year Cos-Losseum is raising money for Lupus.

D.P. – “I chose Lupus as our charity for this first event, because it’s unfortunately not one of those illnesses that people really know much about. It is a very serious autoimmune disease that I feel doesn’t get the attention as many other illnesses like cancer and others. I chose this as my charity because I have so many friends of mine that are near and dear to my heart that have this disease, and I’d just like to see them get better.”

D.P. – “Our overall mission is to provid a positive impact on the community through bringing guests to meet their fans, raising money for a charity, and so on. Cos-Losseum will be our first event of many.”

Cos-Losseum Saturday Schedule
The event is only $10 a day with a Cosplay Contest, Silent Auction of various items to help raise money for Lupus.  There will be a 21+ after party on Saturday featuring music and entertainment by DJ Chuck None, DJ Galactic Ray, and live performance by Lolita Dark.

Cos-Losseum Sunday Schedule

Guests include:

Rashaad Santiago, Season 6 Winner of SyFy’s Face-Off and Anthony Reyes from Season 8 of Face-Off

Sandi Sellner (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Alpha 5), Barabara Goodson (Voice of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita Repulsa), Kerrigan Mahan (Voice of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Goldar),

Scott Harben (Artist and Star Wars Illustrator)

Jevocas Green (Atlanta, Georgia Actor/Director/Producer/Makeup artist. Projects include Doctor Who: The Forgotten Doctor Youtube Series)

And as it’s a Cosplay centered convention we can’t forget their very special Cosplay guests:

Loki Hates You, ThorTv, Agents of Khaos, Aspen Cosplay, Genevieve Marie, Countess Canterburry, D-Slim, and Star Wars Steampunk Universe

For more information or to purchase tickets visit The Cosplay Initiative, LLC’s website:

See you this weekend!


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