Anthony Daniels the Man in the Golden Suit

If you’ve been watching Mark Hamill’s tribute to Carrie Fisher and feeling the pain of losing our princess a new, then you need to watch Anthony Daniel’s 40 years with Threepio panel to make you smile and feel a bit of confetti filled joy.

Ever the showman, and always a favorite with the fans because of how dearly he seems to take them to heart, he enjoyed hamming things up a bit with host Warwick Davis, throwing “diva” fits and refusing to enter the auditorium til Davis stopped messing around and give him a proper entrance.

And entrance it was as he appeared at the back of the room wearing a gold glitter suit jacket, walked through the audience shaking hands, hi-five-ing, and taking pictures.  He then threw a handful of golden confetti in the air as he made it to the stage.

What follows is an hour of merriment, laughter and gleeful playfulness between old friends.


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