A Sprint Through Some of the Most Anticipated Games of E3 2016

Where do I start with this year in E3. 2016 has been a weird year so far with gaming news being a roller coaster of good news and weird news.

We start with the sequels hitting the news.  We have the aforementioned Call of Duty going into space, while Battlefield decided to do a 180 and cover the Great War.  In all honesty both games look interesting and honestly a bit of fresh air for both genres.  Dishonered 2 looked like more of the same, which is a great thing since the first game was amazing.  A new Kingdom Hearts game, which is as confusing as ever, can’t wait.  Mass Effect and Titan Fall both getting new games that can’t come soon enough.  Microsoft is of course releasing a new Gears of War game and funny enough a Halo Wars 2.  Tekken 7 being a timed exclusive to Xbox One and PC was an odd bit of news for sure.

The big surprise was the God of War reveal with an older Kratos mentoring his “son” in the way of hunting but ultimately leading into a battle with a troll.  The interesting thing about all of this is the setting, which looks to be a viking/norse, based on the troll spouting something about Valhalla.  On the flip side we have the new Zelda game being an open world game akin to Elder Scrolls or Minecraft.  The last thing is a sequel that really caught my eye – the new Neir game, which, like the last game, has an amazing soundtrack and a very weird esthetic.

Then we go into some new IP’s that are unique to say the least.  Kojimas newest game , Death Stranding, is possibly the weirdest thing at E3 this year.  Here’s hoping it’s good since Sony’s giving Kojima free reign to do what needs to be done, and with Norman Reedus tagging along it’s bound to be interesting.  Then we have the next Quantic Dream game that’s all about being an android detective that is effectively a choose your own adventure game.  Then there is Horizon Zero Dawn that looks to be a mix of Far Cry 3, The Matrix and The Last of Us. We also have the new Platinum Game Scalebound which looks to be Monster Hunter crossed with Devil May Cry.  We have a new Unreal game coming that looks like a fast moving Overwatch which leaves me both excited and nervous.

As more information gets released we’ll look deeper into every one of these games.




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