Comic Con Wonder Woman Trailer is Powerful & Explosive

Comic Con introduced us to a never ending stream of amazing trailers.  But one of the ones that faired the best and looks absolutely AMAZING is the new Wonder Woman trailer. With a release date of June 2, 2017 we have a whole year of rewatching this and waiting!

Cosplay: Concept & Construction Part 3

Becoming Lord Elrond by Durrilion With all the construction finally completed, I went to a friend for help with hair and makeup.  As she labored on my hair, and the wig, as well as the makeup, I ceased to be Durrilion the Freelance Writer and became Durrilion the Cosplayer. As she pulled, twisted, and pinned my own hair, I tried not to wince.  Every now and again it was painful….

An Interview With Reynolds Advanced Materials

For the professional or hobbyist in costuming and mask making you might want to look up Reynolds Advanced Materials      

Cosplay: Concept & Construction Part 2

  The Struggle to become Lord Elrond By Durrilion It took a lot of time to gather all the components of what would eventually be my version of Lord Elrond.  I needed the pattern, fabric, thread, paint, and lots of patience! With my awesome pattern in hand I went to work on the first layer.  My fabric choice for this one was a medium weight upholstery cotton brocade in a…

Cosplay: Concept & Construction Part 1

Formulating the Idea by Durrilion Since I was a child I have always loved costumes.  My personal favorites often seem to reflect historical and/or fantastical themes. In my 20’s I joined the Society for Creative Anachronism which provided opportunities to wear Medieval style clothing. Several years later I became friends with people in Amtgard, an organization that allowed more fantasy elements in one’s character and wardrobe.  Thanks to my friends…

Cosplay Spotlight – Phoenix Comicon 2016 – What to wear? What to wear?

Cosplayers at Phoenix Comicon 2016 by Durrrilion They take a step, they stop for a pic.  They take another and stop again.  From the first day to the last of any convention, cosplayers of varying skill levels do The Step and Pose Shuffle. Despite my busy schedule I managed a few shots and a couple of interviews. Starting off is ‘Cersei’ from Game of Thrones.  Casey Renee Cosplay from Chicago…

Cosplay Spotlight – The Women of Middle Earth

  Ladies of the Rings by Durrilion I love an unusual or unexpected twist to just about anything.  When my editor told me about a chance to speak with a team of female cosplayers doing the entire Fellowship of the Ring, I jumped at the chance.  Sadly due to technical issues, we missed our scheduled interview time.  Fortunately, I ran into three of the Ladies by chance at Sean Astin’s…

Walk the Dead – The Adventures of Zombie Dog

  Zombie Dog by Durrilion While roaming the halls of Phoenix Comicon 2016, I came across a peculiar poster.  Closer examination told me I HAD to know more.  Zombie Dog, published by The Plush Cartel, is a child friendly comic book about JJ, a former bomb sniffing dog and his vegan zombie family.  According to their promo card, “the zombie apocalypse has ended.  The humans and zombies have formed a…

Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2016 [Gallery]

If you want to see all the latest products and promotions before it hits the general public, then you go to The Las Vegas Licensing Expo! [AFG_gallery id=’13’]

Phoenix Comicon Interview With Shapify My Life

If you’ve ever wanted to be your own action figure you’ll want to pay close attention!