This Time the Adventure Comes to You.

Book Review: First Empress of Mortar by Durrilion Fantasy novels take us to different worlds, show us extraordinary things, and in some way teach us not only about ourselves, but also the world around us.  Typically the story unfolds around a young male protagonist, often the ‘everyman’ of peasant stock, or occasionally a member of the nobility if not royalty.  In A.J. Jaafari’s first book, ‘First Empress of Mortar’, readers see…

The 30th Anniversary Labyrinth Special & Labyrinth Tales Book Review

We take a look at these two similar books by Archaia and let you have a look inside!   Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Tales by Cory Godbey will be on sale on September 27th.

Reviewing the Dark Crystal Author Quest

In 2013 The Henson Company held a contest to find the author for their new books.  From that came the five finalists that make up the stories of The Dark Crystal Author Quest. Find information about the book at the following sites: