Quick Glance:  Overwatch

Well Blizzard did it, they finally released the sequel to Friday Night Combat.  Overwatch pretty much takes the best of quite a few games and combines them into one very interesting package.  Take the colorful nature of Team Fortress 2’s characters, mix in the bright color palate of League of Legends and mix in the game play of Smite and Friday Night Combat and you have Overwatch.

You have a varied group of characters to choose from ranging from a gorilla scientist (think Gorilla Godd) to the man with no name (Clint Eastwood would be proud) all the way up to a Starcraft 2 programmer.  In my short amount of time to really play this game I enjoyed myself immensely, but truth be told I think I would have enjoyed myself more with a group of friends.

The game play lends itself to teamwork which, if you’re lucky can work out, but more times then not it’s hoping your team can stick together long enough to win the round.  Teamwork aside, the game play is a simplified first person shooter with each character having a set weapon and unique skills.  You have one character who can teleport and another who can launch a hook (think pudge or blitzcrank) and drag opponents closer.  This lends the game to having some cool moments and can be visually pleasing making it a prime candidate for E sport viewing.

All things aside I highly suggest everyone sign up for the beta to try it out.  The game is fun enough to warrant at least a quick glance.

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