No Time Reviews: Metal Gear Solid 2

What is it?

The sequel to the critically acclaimed PS1 game Metal Gear Solid. With much anticipation it was finally released in 2001, on the PS2. A bevy of praise and acclaim would follow. Konami and Kojima would make a masterpiece a second time.

What’s it about?

The game starts out with you playing as Snake, from the first game, only to throw a curve ball at you. Early in the game you get a new protagonist, Raiden, who’s sent to an offshore rig tentatively named Big Shell to rescue the president. Long story short, lots of twists involved as to who really is the bad guy and what is really happening behind the scenes.

What’s it look like?

For a PS2 title that released early in its life, it still holds up visually. Granted it’s over a decade old so the textures and the technical details aside the art design is superb. The characters and the machinery look fantastic and yet grounded in reality which gives it a unique twist visually.

How’s it play?

It’s a third person stealth action game. Lots of sneaking, shooting and hiding in lockers involved. You also get to fight a boss using a katana. It takes everything that was great about the first Metal Gear and improves on it in every way including the cardboard box.

Is it worth it?

Honestly it really is worth it. A fine game in its own right and I highly recommend it. The only real negative was Raiden being the main character instead of Snake but that’s a minor thing against a game this solid game. 9/10

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